As organizations worldwide are on path to adopt and implement their Enterprise applications on Mobile, there is an associated stress on business and IT to keep up with the evolving Mobile technology and the supporting infrastructure requirements. The support of a well-established partner to mobile-enable the enterprise is imperative to succeed and sustain the mobility initiatives and realize the enterprise mobility roadmap.


Sapintellect with wide experience across the Industry verticals and complementary technology strengths on SAP mobility and other Mobile technologies is well equipped to enable Enterprise Mobility services for your organization.


Sapintellect's current service offerings to our SAP customers cover:


•Defining SAP Mobility Enterprise Strategy and Roadmap

•Implementing SAP Packaged mobile solutions

•Custom Built SAP Mobile Applications


Enterprise strategy and roadmap


A defined and agreed mobile strategy is the best path to avoid the many pitfalls of an un governed rollout of mobile point-solutions, such as duplicated infrastructure efforts, high support cost and users carrying multiple devices.


Sapintellect strategy definition and roadmap incorporates:


•Needs of your mobile users, who might be your customers, employees or partners

•Evaluate and decides which enterprise needs will be best addressed with mobile solutions

•Define the business case and capabilities for enterprise mobility

•Propose SAP Packaged RDS or Custom Built Applications or Combined Strategy

•Clear implementation path tailored to address the needs of each specific capability



SAP Packaged mobile solutions


Sapintellect is leading implementation of SAP Rapid Deployment Solution’s (RDS). The SAP RDS with 100+ applications from SAP covers majority of the business process scenarios for ready to deploy/adoption. The current services include:


Mobile enabling of standard SAP self-service / process through SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

Analytics with drill down through SAP BO Mobile container

Mobile enablement for outside fire wall use cases (Internet) and Device management using Afaria platform


Custom Built Mobile Solutions


Sapintelect SAP Mobility capabilities include design and develop mobile solutions to optimize your specific business process. If there is no suitable packaged mobile solution for a specific business scenario, Hexaware can identify the best technology basis for the given requirements in line with your mobile strategy and roadmap.


Our solution will help manages much of the inherent complexities of developing reliable and flexible applications for a range of device types, even with limited network connectivity. The current Services include;


•Custom built mobile application for SAP using OData channel for faster development, deployment & maintenance

•Built and deliver platform independent mobile application using HTML5

•Light mobile Application – Request / Response, Always connected, Limited use of offline and native API’s using Hybrid web container

•Mobile enablement using Hand held proprietary devices using .Net thin client consuming unified web services from participatory systems – suitable for logistics execution, and warehouse management


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