Sapintellect offers technology solutions to enterprises across Industries. We are a global IT services company with the technical competence and the domain skills your organization helping you realize growth and profit with the right technology solutions. Our range of services includes:


Enterprise Application Services:


Sapintellect offers Enterprise Application Services that will help your organization fully leverage the IT solution in place,improving project management and collaboration. This helps maximize the value of your intellectual capital, develop stronger business relationships with clients, improve productivity, meet regulatory requirements and achieve other significant benefits.


SAP Testing Services/Automated Regression Testing:


Sapintellect offers great flexibility; hence tuned and adapted as per organization needs. ERP package implementation will be generally multi -year, multi phased, and multi -location; hence the Regression testing is a critical area.

Key challenges here are frequency of regression testing cycle, huge number of critical business processes needs to be covered during regression and definitely cost involved in it.


Enterprise Staffing Augmentation :


Sapintellect is one of the leading IT staffing companies with expertise in locating the right talent.SAPIntellect knows where and how the best IT talent can be found and what it takes to attract and retain them.







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